144. Our Best Episodes of 2021

Dec 31, 2021

We’ve reached the end of the year! 2021 felt like we were finding our way again, but we have high hopes for 2022. As a way of looking back over how far we’ve come during the past 365 days, we want to run down the top 10 episodes from the year to give us a better idea of what you want to hear more of and share what you should go back and listen to if you missed it the first time around. 


These are the 10 episodes that received the most traffic in 2021:

  1.  1. Your First Investments in Starting an Airbnb 101
  2.  121. Hiring a Team That Works with You with Taylor Arbaugh
  3.  123. Our Mistakes Making Property Offers and How to Avoid Them
  4.  100. Hospitality Tips from an Airbnb Legend with Chip Conley
  5.  122. Going All In on Short-Term Rentals with A-Frame Ranch Owner Callie Withce
  6.  118. Hidden Expenses of Your Airbnb
  7.  124. Buying Land & Property Using Creative Financing Options with Mike Hicks
  8.  117. Start Boosting your direct Bookings Today with Mark Simpson
  9.  130. Elevating Your STR with High Vibe Design with Moria Sedgwick
  10.  99. Leveraging Passive Income for Financial & Time Freedom with Amanda Williams




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