121. Hiring a Team That Works with You with Taylor Arbaugh

Jul 22, 2021


One of the questions we get asked most often is: how do you hire a team that has the same ethos and attention to detail as you?

Taylor Arbaugh is a property coordinator at The Cliffs Hocking Hills and a team member of Sarah's. She helps to host the property. She is a mom and local in the area where The Cliffs is located, in Hocking Hills, Ohio. She doesn’t come from a property management background, but she has been a great addition to the team. If you’re not in the industry yourself, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn what it takes to make a great project manager.


Finding the Right Fit

One thing that made Taylor a good fit for this role was her tendency to be a people pleaser. While she often thought of this trait as a negative, it really enabled her to shine as a property manager. Renters are paying for a service, and they expect a certain level of quality work. When you are the face of that property, you have to deliver to that expectation. It’s all about finding ways to exceed your guests’ expectations, and there is such a level of satisfaction when you see the joy you’ve caused. You can’t please everyone, but the good experiences always outweigh the bad.


Figuring Out Payment

When it comes to paying a property manager or co-host, there’s a lot of flexibility. The important thing is that you do not skimp. You have a budget – that’s true – but you need to be honest about the value that’s being provided and pay enough that you don’t lose that value – especially once they’ve proven themselves. The fun part is that with short-term rentals, there’s no one way to do this. You could pay per visit, on commission, monthly, or any combination. Just work with your team and find out what their needs are. You don’t want to be caught off guard when they quit because you’re not meeting their requirements.


So much of this is trial and error. Be willing to learn as you go. This is your business! We just want to share what’s worked for us. Know that you can be flexible and figure it out yourself.



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