#STRShareSunday: the Cliffs at Hocking Hills

strsharesunday Jun 27, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing The Cliffs at Hocking Hills!

This one is a BEAUTY. Don't go chasin' waterfalls... because this space comes with its own waterfall! Located just 45 minutes from Columbus, this place is as unique as it is drop dead gorgeous.

This space has enough room for 18 guests and has 5.5 bathrooms, two living rooms, a game room, waterfall, hot tub, AND swimming hole. I mean... what more could you ask for?

They are 100% direct booked from their own website, so be sure to follow them on instagram and check out their website for some inspo!

The Cliffs Website

The Cliffs on Instagram

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#STRShareSunday: Gaston Getaway

strsharesunday Jun 20, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing Gaston Getaway!

This STR Sunday ties into this week's episode! Go to their page and look at their bio. You're going to see that they don't have the typical AirBnB link there, they have their DIRECT BOOKING link there instead. You can go straight to their website and book your dates. We're super excited they're doing this. If you're not familiar with direct bookings, first, listen to our latest episode, and second, go over to Gaston Getaway and give them a like and follow and check out their direct booking link.

This rental is located in Littleton, NC, hosted by Mike and Tasha, and they are new to the STR world so we are wishing them the very best of luck!

Gaston Getaway on Instagram

Book a stay at Gaston Getaway

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117. Start Boosting Your Direct Bookings Today with Mark Simpson

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2021

So many hosts complain about the drawbacks of online travel agencies but few actually do anything about them. Most don’t even know how!

In an ever-competitive marketplace, Mark Simpson helps short-term rental hosts thrive. After successfully coaching over one thousand hospitality businesses to date, Mark’s current mission is to help one million hosts increase their direct bookings so they are no longer under the control of online travel agencies.

If you’re ready to start taking control of your listings and breaking free from the limitations of online travel agencies, where do you begin?

One of the most important things that you need to do, even if you only have one listing, is to find property management software. There are so many options to choose from, so just look into a few and don’t get stuck in decision paralysis. You can always change your choice later. Once set up, the software will allow you to connect your Airbnb, Vrbo, and even start...

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#STRShareSunday: Cozy Coastal HP

strsharesunday Jun 13, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing Cozy Coastal HP!

We are SO READY to hop in the car RIGHT NOW and head to Cape Cod to stay in Kate's gorgeous rental.

Her feed is cozy, but also coastal, fresh, and clean. There's a ton of cohesiveness on her feed and makes you really want to head to the beach. It's not in-your-face beachy, however, Kate has expertly and tastefully woven in the beach vibes.

One of the things we also love is her "details" highlight on her instagram feed, full of little things you wouldn't notice unless you were staying there. These little touches really draw you in and make you want to visit!

Cozy Coastal HP on Instagram

Cozy Coastal HP on AirBnB

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116. Cash Pad, TV Show Renovation & the Austin STR Market with Lauren Noble

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2021

Ever wonder what it’s like on the other side of these home renovation shows?

Lauren Noble is a Superhost from Austin, Texas whose short-term rental was featured on the CNBC show “Cash Pad” with the Bachelorette's JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers in the fall of 2019. Hosting was supposed to be a fun part time project for her, but it has turned into a busy side gig that has jump started her desire to get more involved in real estate investing. She’s also an ICU nurse and first-time mom! She runs the Airbnb by herself, with the occasional help of her husband, a small business owner.

Because they weren’t exactly planning on getting into the rental business right away, there were a lot of things they weren’t prepared for. Their first guest taught them a ton of lessons. It’s great to have plastic containers for food. You need to give people multiple options for cooking food. Don’t use towels that will show stains quickly. And, in general,...

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#STRShareSunday: Barefoot in Sauble

strsharesunday Jun 06, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing Barefoot in Sauble!

This adorable bungalow is located in Sauble Beach, Ontario

 Put this on your to-do list: USE YOUR INSTAGRAM HIGHLIGHTS!

What we love about this rental is that they have a highlight called "rave reviews" (yes... "rave" reviews specifically), and one for video tours. First of all, people want to know what other people have to say about their stay, and everyone LOVES video. People LOVE a live-action video tour. It just really helps bring the space to life.

We really encourage you to add these highlights to your instagram account! Check out their instagram account to get a good feel for what we're talking about. Be sure to give them a few likes and a follow while you're there!

Barefoot in Sauble on Instagram

Barefoot in Sauble on AirBnB

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115. Outdoorsy Takes Short-Term Rentals on the Road with Matt Mitchell

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2021

Looking for a creative, fun, and accessible way to get into the short-term rental space? Look no further!


Matt Mitchell is a digital nomad who turned his passion for campervan travel into a short-term rental business. Through each rental experience, he’s able to educate travelers about their investment in adventure and outdoor recreation. He spent a year traveling across the US & Canada in his home on wheels, and the experience gave him more than he could possibly describe. Now, he wants to share the feeling and encourage others to get outside and live minimally – or at least get a taste of the lifestyle before making the leap.


Matt now has two campervans that he rents on Outdoorsy, which is essentially the Airbnb of RVs, motorhomes, and campervans. His larger van currently costs $225 per night, while the smaller one goes for $200. Demand for this type of rental is through the roof right now – and for good reason: everyone’s itching to...

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#STR Share Sunday: The Gingerbreck House

strsharesunday May 30, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing The Gingerbreck House!

It's a gingerbread-inspired house located in Breckenridge, Colorado! (get it!?)

We went through their instagram and we really feel like we know them and the whole story behind the house. There is power in storytelling, and that IS your advertising. The story behind the hosts and the property is what makes short-term rentals so special.

Head over to their page for some inspo: behind-the-scenes of the name and their story. Think about your guests, the experience they're going to have, and the story that you can tell them to invite them into your home. The Gingerbreck House has CRUSHED this!

The Gingerbreck House on Instagram

Book a stay at The Gingerbreck House

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114. Marketing Your Brand Through WiFi Portals with Arthur Colker

Uncategorized May 27, 2021

Marketing and branding are how you take your short-term rental business to the next level, but how do you introduce your brand to all of your guests - especially those that book through online travel agencies? And how do you capture email addresses during their stay?

Arthur Colker is the Founder and CEO of StayFi, the #1 provider of WiFi marketing services for vacation rental companies. Vacation rental managers use StayFi to brand their WiFi, collect guest data, and increase direct bookings – all while providing a better online experience for vacationing rental guests. 

Arthur holds degrees from Columbia Business School and Georgetown University. Prior to founding StayFi, Arthur led digital marketing strategy at several startups and ran his own marketing and branding consultancy.


What is WiFi Marketing?

Have you ever logged on to WiFi at a hotel, airport, or even Starbucks? Typically, you’ll be prompted to log in to an online portal using your email address....

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#STRShareSunday: Awayframe

strsharesunday May 23, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing Awayframe!

First of all... what an amazing play on words. It's an A-frame... that you can visit while you're AWAY on vacation. Get it!?

Ashley is your host and her rental is located Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast (two beach access points!)

We have one word... COLOR. You can't look at this account without noticing all the beautiful color they've put into their space. Her use of color is super consistent and pays homage to the mid-century modern vibes on the inside and out.

Everything is so well thought out, from the copy to the logo (you know we're suckers for a good logo, because your STR is a BUSINESS which needs a BRAND).

Go over and give Ashley some love!

Awayframe on Instagram

Awayframe on AirBnB

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