95 | SEO Optimization Tips for Your Airbnb | with Kelvin Mah

Jan 07, 2021

Do you have a great property with beautiful photos and a fair price that you just KNOW would get more bookings… if you could just get it in front of more eyes?

Kelvin Mah is the founder of RankBreeze, a company that helps short-term rental managers get more bookings by optimizing their Airbnb listings for better search rankings and conversions—and that means more money! 

SEO (or search engine optimization) is the backbone of internet marketing. Or, as Kelvin says, “Search engine optimization is the art and science of getting your properties in front of as many people as possible.” When someone is looking for a place to stay, you want to be able to show up as close to the top of those results as possible so people can see your property and fall in love.

Most people think of Google when they think SEO, but Airbnb is primarily a search engine as well. RankBreeze helps people understand where their rankings are and do small tests to optimize their rankings. But you don’t have to use RankBreeze in order to improve your SEO rankings.


You need professional photos

We’ve talked about this before, but did you know that having great photography can actually help your SEO? That’s because professional-looking photos get people to click, and clickthrough rates—or the number of people who see your property in a search and click to view the listing—is a very important signal to Airbnb.


Make your title stand out

Your title also plays a big part in grabbing the attention of a potential guest and getting them onto your listing page. One tip Kelvin suggests is looking at search suggestions. When you type your city into a search field on Airbnb, it will give suggestions to help finish your search based on what other people are searching for, which often end up being points of interest. You can then put those points of interest in either your title or your summary to give the people what they want.


Performing an SEO Spot Check

When you’re looking at your rankings, it’s best to look at your best performing guest count. Determine which one that is, look at a vacant date (a weekend would be best), and try to examine why your listing might be vacant: Is the price right? Are the photos on point? Is the title standing out? When you’re working with a high guest count, you’re working with a lot of data so you want to do what you can with that data to make it even higher.




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