91 | Top 5 Episodes of 2020

Dec 10, 2020



As 2020 heads to a close, we want to round up our top 5 most listened to episodes of the year and explain why we think they’re getting so much attention. If you’ve never heard them before, or even if you’ve heard them once, this is a great time to listen to them and let them sink in.

#5 Episode 52 | From Flipper to Short Term Rentals | with Becky Rhey

Becky and her husband were flipping properties, but it wasn’t really going how they thought it would. They were still very interested in real estate and diversifying their investments, and Becky is into DIY and home decor, so transitioning to short term rentals made sense for them.

#4 Episode 75 | Live Airbnb Coaching! | Ashley Wilson @athomewithashley

Ashley Wilson has a popular Instagram account and blog, and she knows how to make a home beautiful. We all have room for improvement and more things to learn, and we think that’s why this episode did so well. Hearing a popular, successful host get vulnerable about where they can improve is what draws people in.

#3 Episode 1 | Your First Investments: Starting an Airbnb 101

While this may be our first episode, everything in there is still incredibly relevant. We were getting so many questions about investing and renting that we wanted to start putting some information out there. If you want a crash course on starting an Airbnb, give this one a listen.

#2 Episode 47 | Different Worlds, Same Mission: Airbnb Advice from a Vacation Rental Expert | with Sharon Keefe

Vacation rentals feel like the annoying but wiser older sister. The worlds of vacation rentals and short term rentals are siloed off, but there’s so much we can learn from each other. Sharon helps us bridge that gap and shares the knowledge she’s learned in that industry.

#1 Episode 49 | 8 Danger Zones in a Short Term Rental and How to Avoid Them | with Justin Ford

Everyone should be concerned about their guest’s safety, so it’s good to see this episode at #1! Justin knows his stuff. He’s an international safety expert. As a property manager that had a traumatic experience, he’s dedicated his life to helping other property owners prevent what had happened to him.

Least Listened To: Episode 26 | How to Be Wheelchair & Handicap Compliant in a Short-Term Rental: ADA Compliance & Design | with LeAnne Lavender

Accessibility is incredibly important, but maybe not the most exciting topic. We definitely think you should listen to this episode to get some insight into how difficult it can be finding a property with accessibility options and how you can make somebody’s year with a few small tweaks to your property.




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