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48 | 7 Ways to Make Money in the STR Industry if You're a Stager or Designer

Jan 23, 2020


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We are all about education here on the show, and when we are really experts on something, we want to share it with you. One of those things we want to share with you today is how to make more money and diversify your income using staging or designing skills applied to the short term rental industry.


These are 7 ways you can make more money as a stager, designer, or host:

  1. Add consulting to your list of services. If you know anything about the short term rental market, let people know about it and add it to your list of services.
  2. Stage-to-rent designing. There are some big differences between staging for sale or renting because furniture and props used in sales staging aren’t meant to be used. Expertise in this field is incredibly valuable to other hosts.
  3. Installing. This is a lot of work, and something people usually underestimate how much is involved. When someone is starting from zero in making a space livable, it’s going to take time and you should not be giving this service away for free.
  4. Listing creations. A ton of work goes into making a listing stand out, and your expertise in this can be used to help other short term rentals.
  5. Photography consulting or real estate photography. If you can take pictures, this is great, but if not, you can still help consult with the types of images that are needed.
  6. Training. Take all of those hours listening to Thanks for Visiting and put them to use!
  7. Managing and co-hosting.

Incorporating these things into your existing business, whether you’re a real estate agent, an interior designer, a stager, or thinking about becoming one, these are great ways to diversify your income and make more revenue. Even if you’re not in that world, you can still add all of these things to your list of services as an Airbnb host or co-host.

We think this is so important, we’ve put together a course to dive deep into these 7 methods and how you can use them to make more money. In the resources below, you can download a free PDF that outlines these 7 points and, if you want, adds you to a list to be reminded when the course launches.




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