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163. Travel Hacking & Conscious Credit Card Use with Kara Greene

May 13, 2022

We’re all about giving a holistic approach to your short-term rental: looking at the whole picture, from safety, marketing, real estate, and more. And while we’ve touched on all of the things you need to buy for your properties, we haven’t discussed how you can best capitalize on the purchases you make to get the most out of them.

Kara Greene is an influencer on Instagram with over 47 thousand followers. She shares tips and stories from her own personal finance successes over the last 27 years, including being debt free (yes, even her mortgage), saving up for both of her children’s college educations, and redeeming over $87k in travel points over the last ten years. She shares with us some of the simple ways to get started with travel hacking, how to avoid information overwhelm, and approaching credit cards without taking risks.



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