156. Scaling Your Business with Investor Capital with Jeff Brown

Mar 24, 2022

We’re piggybacking off of a previous show, Episode 62. Creating an Unforgettable Airbnb Experience: Star Wars Edition with Bryndee Barton, which was all about creating thematic vacation rentals.

Jeff Brown is here to teach us how to dream big and scale our businesses with investor capital. He’s the co-founder of Loma Homes, a vacation rental brand that specializes in unique themed experiences.

Jeff started his career at Target corporate headquarters as an analyst and gradually worked his way into ecommerce companies like Overstock and 1800 Contacts until he was approached by a startup called One Click Retail. There, he became the Director of Operations and helped the company grow to over 100+ employees and achieve 70% profit margins.

After 6 years at One Click Retail and 10 years in managing business, Jeff has left to pursue his passions in entrepreneurship and real estate. If he’s not busy doing more with less, you’ll usually find him swimming through Excel spreadsheets.

He talks about what you need to do to get started looking for investors, the way that will affect your approach to finding properties, his “20% rule” for ensuring revenue, and how to build a portfolio of properties that can be sold at a massive profit.




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