110. 7 Tips to Ensure Pool & Spa Safety with Justin Ford

Apr 29, 2021


Safety is such an important component of the rental industry. You’re inviting people who aren’t familiar with the space and carry responsibility for their safety while they stay. We’re talking to our Safety Captain, Justin Ford, once again to discuss safety when it comes to pools and spas.

With summer just around the corner and the world opening up after the pandemic, people are itching to get out there, relax, and cool off. Before they do, Justin has seven tips for hosts and owners to keep their pools and spas safe for guests.

Note that we are discussing how to keep your pools, hot tubs, and spas safe. We are not trying to discourage you from having one of these amenities at your property. These are just the key considerations to keep in mind to ensure applicable short term rentals are as safe as possible.


Electrical Inspection

In Palm Springs, California, this is actually a legal requirement. If you want to list your property with a pool there, you have to get an electrical inspection. If you have not had a full survey of the electrical components of your pool or hot tub in the past three years, it’s very important to do that. Pool and hot tub fires are more common than people could dream about.


Pool Depth Markers

The largest lawsuit against a short-term rental host was related to an accident at a pool because there were no pool depth markers. It can be hard to judge the depth of a pool with our eyes alone, and the consequences of misjudging can be severe. Every major hotel chain or public pool has pool markers because they’ve been sued before. It’s an incredibly cheap and easy fix, so don’t skimp.


Pool Barriers

The number one cause of death by children under the age of five is accidental drowning. Most people vacationing somewhere with a pool often don’t have one at home. They don’t know the safety precautions to take. We need to do what we can to keep kids safe and away from the pool. There are different types of barriers necessary depending on the type of pool you have, and you can find all of that information, here.


Water Watchers

When you have large groups gathered together, everyone assumes someone is watching the pool. But when everyone assumes someone else is doing it, nobody actually takes responsibility. Designate a pool watcher anytime you have people out by the pool. Additionally, make sure you don’t have too many large pool toys that can obstruct view or that kids can get trapped under.


Rescue Devices

When it comes to rescuing guests, you need to have a hook and a life ring. If you don’t have something at the property and something does happen, this will come up during the lawsuit and it will not reflect well.


Safety Signs

You have to have pool and hot tub rules displayed on your property. It may seem like common sense, but for people who aren’t used to being around pools and hot tubs, it may all be new information.


Diving Boards & Pool Slides

A diving board or pool slide can seem like a great way to add value to your property, but the risks they pose are too high to be worthwhile to anyone renting their property. Many rentals don’t have the ability to build these strategically into the landscape the way a water park or commercial pool would be able to.

Pools are one of the highest risk items you can have on your property, but they are also one of the biggest value adds. If you can invest just a small amount of that added value into safety components you should end up far ahead while ensuring people are safe.




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