104 | How Joining a GPO Can Help Your Short-Term Rental | with Jeffrey Iloulian

Mar 11, 2021

 Anyone who’s worked in the industry long enough begins to identify some of the pain points, but it takes a true entrepreneur to turn the solution into a business — one that’s going to make the lives of all rental property hosts and managers easier.

Jeffrey Iloulian has been in the vacation rental industry for over a decade, having set up, managed, or operated over 250 vacation rental properties. So, he gets this industry. From cozy cabins in the woods to luxury mansions in Beverly Hills, Jeff has successfully grown several businesses and has a passion for interdisciplinary problem-solving in emerging industries. He believes that the further you push outside of your comfort zone, the larger that zone becomes.

And Jeff’s most recent business idea came to him while he was furnishing an entire building with 16 units in a very short period of time. He was amazed that, at the volume that he was buying, there wasn’t a simple way to make those purchases in bulk. He looked to the Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) model used in the hotel and hospital industry and found a way to tailor it to the STR industry. 

Jeff started HostGPO by making a group of all the professional hosts he could find, leveraging their collective buying power to negotiate the best possible deals on supplies, creating a mutually beneficial solution for everyone involved. Listen to learn how you can save time and money using a GPO and the types of products you can purchase through one.




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