Savvy stagers are building momentum in the short-term rental industry (yes, even now).

The short-term rental market is increasingly competitive. Hosts are turning to stagers to create spaces that not only look great in listings, but can hold up overtime. You can earn this business.

Get a deep knowledge of the industry from a dynamic duo who manages 26 STRs (and has staged 50+ others!) Sarah and Annette have perfected the business-side of staging Airbnbs. In the Stage-to-Rent Academy, they'll equip you with tools to add service offerings and create revenue. 


Staging is the bedrock of a profitable short-term rental operation and it all begins with you.

Success hinges on how accurately you can anticipate a guest's needs—for comfort, safety, and function. When you learn the ins and outs of the short-term rental industry, you can diversify your revenue stream by offering a suite of stage-to-rent services (some may surprise you!)

What's more, your stage-to-rent skills can be a powerful resource to hosts who want to improve their listings and meet the new expectation for health and safety in this pandemic era. The secret to staying competitive is in the sauce stage. 

Join short-term rental staging experts, Sarah & Annette, to learn the nuances of staging-to-rent and why it's about so much more than knowing where to place the couch.

Learn How It's Done

Master strategies to guest-proof your space.

Sarah and Annette are passionate about sharing what they’ve learned over the past eight years as actual hosts who specialize in staging for the rental experience. You're sure to appreciate their signature style—guidance that is easy to understand and implement.

They'll even help you become Stage-to-Rent Certified™!

With these 7 video modules and 40 lessons, you'll be able to:

01 STR Industry 101

Speak confidently about the sharing economy and why property owners should hire you.

02 Non-Negotiables

Articulate the reasoning for including essential furnishings and amenities in the budget.

03 Planning

Know how to celebrate the neighborhood, stage for safety and responsibly splurge.

04 Design & Concept

Feel empowered to create spaces with unique offerings that curate a delightful guest experience.

05 Service Value Ladder

Identify ways to grow your business with services unique to the short-term rental niche.

06 Training for Hosts

Prepare your clients to manage guest, perform property audits and lead a turnover team. 

07 Listing Best Practices

Build listings with rockstar titles and engaging copy that will ensure your clients acquire guests.

Bonus Video Trainings

Watch previously recorded Q+A sessions for additional training

Stage-to-Rent Certified™

We are so pumped to put the Thanks for Visiting name behind the Stage-to-Rent Certified™ designation. STRA graduates enter the market fully prepared to stage rental properties for design, utility, and operation. Participants who choose the certification option can complete a knowledge assessment to become Stage-to-Rent Certified™! After earning the credential, you'll get a certificate and full branding pack to tout your new qualification (because you rock)!  🎉  👏

Stage-to-Rent Academy includes 12 resources to use in your business:

Sample Contracts
Co-Hosting Arrangement
Stage-to-Rent Services

Templates & Tools
Furnishings & Amenities Essentials Checklist
Stage-to-Rent Services Brochure
Turnover Handbook Template
Meet-up Planning Procedure
Welcome Book Template
Faux Welcome Book Pro Forma
Supply Level Spreadsheet

Study Guides
Lesson Notes Handbook
Short-Term Rental 101 Glossary
The Case for Short-Term Rentals Infographic

Do you want to be "the expert" property owners go to first?

Staging-to-rent can be your niche. Sarah and Annette will help you level-up your skills to become the sought after stager for short-term rentals.

Join the Stage-to-Rent Academy

Meet your guides, Sarah & Annette.

As short-term rentals enthusiasts for eight years and counting, Sarah and Annette founded Thanks For Visiting to bring their diverse knowledge to stagers and hosts ready to grow their businesses. The Stage-to-Rent Academy and Certification is their flagship program.


Sarah Karakaian has been been an Airbnb Superhost since 2013. She started her journey in NYC renting out a basement suite in her own home. Now, she owns 6 Airbnbs and operates a boutique hosting business. Her rentals have been featured on Airbnb's Instagram and blog, the Washington Post,, and other outlets.

Sarah has a strong design and hospitality background. Pair that with her love of real estate and construction and it makes her an ideal host for short-term rentals.


Annette Grant  partners with real estate investors on short-term rentals. She earned Superhost status by putting the guest first and creating memorable loft spaces in downtown Columbus. Her spaces are sought after not only by guests, but also businesses looking for gorgeous spaces for brand shoots.

Annette's skill in operations helped grow two business from the ground up to become multi-million dollar companies. She manages four short-term rentals and offers support to newbie host hopefuls.

Participants have seen ROI through new ways to partner with clients and higher occupancy rates. 

The strategies you'll learn here will directly impact your revenue. You'll be positioned to provide more value to hosts, landlords and property owners in the short-term rental market. A commitment to guest experience and short-term rental operational know-how? You'll be unstoppable. 

As a Stage-to-Rent Academy graduate (or Stage-to-Rent Certified™ stager!), you'll be the go-to professional for a suite of staging services in your local short-term rental market. 

What can you expect next? After you enroll, you'll receive an email with a link for immediate access to your portal containing instructional videos and resources. Your investment is for lifetime access! And if the material doesn't meet your expectations, we'll refund your purchase—no questions asked.

Graduates 💛 the Stage-to-Rent Academy

"This course gave me the confidence to present myself as an expert in the field of STR staging. I recently completed staging a 4 bedroom STR! I addressed every detail! I had the insight on not only what is necessary to stage vacation rentals, but most importantly, what will make the property profitable & memorable! This is just the beginning of an awesome addition to my ladder of services!"

Gloria Staats 
Interior Design & Staging Consultant

"STRA is an AMAZING step-by-step course on how to offer short-term rental design services. You will learn how to plan, design, install, stage, turnover, list, manage, and host/co-host a short-term rental. It is the complete guide to starting up and having a successful short-term rental design business. There are tons of extra resources and checklists which creates so much extra value!"

Trina MacPhee
Real Estate Staging & Design Consultant

Enroll in the Stage-to-Rent Academy your way!

Remember: you can learn at your own pace with lifetime access to the course. Whether your a short-term rental enthusiast or seasoned real estate stager, there's a pathway for you.

Stage to Rent Academy


Earn the S.T.R.C. credential for instant market credibility

  • 7 modules with 40 video lessons
  • 12 resources to download
  • Bonus: 4 pre-recorded Q+A training calls
  • FREE access to our latest course, Design-to-Rent (coming soon!)
  • Knowledge assessment
  • Stage-to-Rent Certified™ credential

If you're not satisfied, let us know right away and we'll refund your purchase. 

Brought to you from the women behind the Thanks for Visiting podcast.

Get Stage-to-Rent Certified™! Put your qualifications on full display.

Get the guidance you need to succeed in staging-to-rent.

Expert-led video lessons with Sarah & Annette. Templates and tools built for your staging business. It's all in the Stage-to-Rent Academy!

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