You had the confidence to start an Airbnb. (Or you're ready to get one running.)

Now, you want to take it to the next level. You want to stop worrying about all the things that need to be done before your guests arrive ... You want systems. You want a plan.

You’ve got to start treating your Airbnb like the business it is. We have easy to use systems and templates you can use to go from hobby to business...and get back to what you love: hospitality through hosting!

You can learn to implement the systems you need for your hosting business. For just $67.

We've noticed a problem among new Airbnb hosts. The new host has the right intention, but lacks the experience to be prepared for ANY guest experience scenario. What’s more, she’s curating a guest experience that is often hard to recreate consistently.

This host is NOT operating the short-term rental like a business.

And what's even worse — she doesn’t have systems and processes to run the rentals. What if she wants to go out on a Friday night? Perhaps she wants to see her grandkid's out of town soccer game. What if she simply wants a weekend away to regroup and refresh? Because burnout is real.

There's an easy way to take your Airbnb to the next level. Hear us out ...

You can learn from our experience in this mini course. It’s an hour and half to hear all of our preparations and planning to make it your own. An hour and a half to plan for a business you can run for years to come. 90 minutes. That's it. 

(Let's be honest - hosting will be more fun and more profitable with strategies in place.)

Get the Hosting Handbook Mini Course

Take the guesswork out of treating your Airbnb like a business.

You can feel calm, excited, and ready to become the professional and profitable host you of being.That’s why we’re offering you our Hosting Handbook Mini Course (with templates and printables!)

Introducing: the Hosting Handbook Mini Course!  

Easy-to-Use Spreadsheets

Our coveted Par Level and Quarterly Cleaning spreadsheet will keep your supply closet levels in check and your Airbnb sparkling clean!

"Truth Telling Friend" Checklist

You’ll want a friend to spend the night at your Airbnb. This checklist will get you the right feedback prior to opening for paying guests! 

Video Walkthroughs

Not sure exactly how to use all the resources we've included? No worries, we'll walk you through every one.

You'll also get these turnkey templates to make your own ... 

Turnover Handbook

We created this template so that if you ever get sick, go on vacation, or just want a day off … your fill-in will know how to run your turnover!

Welcome Book

A guide for all the essential information your guest will need to truly enjoy their stay. This template will help you layout the contents with easy to read style.

Guest Responses

Lost for words? Tired of re-typing the same things? Not sure when to send information? We got you! Simply copy/paste these thoughtful templates.

Host with a plan.

Grab our Hosting Handbook Mini Course for the limited-time pricing of just $67!

YES! I need this now!

You feel like you’ve tried everything.

From tuning into all those Airbnb gurus who promise ridiculous results, randomly trying strategies you've heard on social media, to doing nothing and just flying by the seat of your pants. You have to convince family and friends that this WILL work. That Hosting is what your next chapter is all about. You don’t have any more time or money to waste on things that aren’t working.

Level-up your hosting journey ... we make it easy! 

Simply watch the Hosting Handbook Mini Course and download the templates. You will be equipped with everything you need to continue your hosting business with confidence. This special price of $67 is only available for a limited time, so grab it now!

Yes, Let's Get This Started!

Rebecca D., Superhost

“I'm so LUCKY to have discovered Annette & Sarah this year… These two women represent everything I strive for as a female entrepreneur and Airbnb Host. Learning as much as possible to STAND OUT IN A CROWDED INDUSTRY is my goal, and the knowledge and support they’ve shared has been priceless. I’ve grown so much this past year and I love that these two awesome women have been a part of that. I honestly believe THEY WANT EVERY HOST TO GROW and be the best they can be.”

How would your hosting journey be different if you could...

  • CONFIDENTLY know how to create a Welcome Book your guests will actually use?
  • ​Know EXACTLY what to put in your supply closet and HOW to manage it?
  • EASILY copy and paste your guest responses so they take seconds, instead of hours, and still sound personable and engaging?
  • Stay engaged with your guests from time of booking all the way until they leave a 5-Star review?
  • ​Stop worrying if everything is ready for your next guest check-in?
  • CELEBRATE your success by spending time with your family and friends while your Hosting business is still running SMOOTHLY?

How would life feel if you started each day, knowing you've built a solid foundation for your Airbnb? Imagine that …

  • Your guests will know exactly where to find everything in your Airbnb — which means they'll have to reach out to you less and can just continue to love their stay more.
  • You can take a break at any time and your guests would never know because you've created a plan that anyone can follow. (Think: the space has been cleaned the way you would have cleaned it and re-staged the way you would have re-staged it!)
  • You can be thinking of ways to innovate your Airbnb and continue to make it better — instead of stressing about the tedious minutiae that drive us all crazy.

There's a way to get 5-star reviews without burning out.

We're going to share our strategy with you. It's all in the Hosting Handbook Mini Course. Get your Airbnb running like the business it is!

Let's Do This

Hi! We're Annette & Sarah.

As short-term rentals enthusiasts for eight years and counting, we founded Thanks For Visiting to bring our diverse knowledge to hosts ready to grow their businesses.  


Sarah Karakaian has been been an Airbnb Superhost since 2013. She started her journey in NYC renting out a basement suite in her own home. Now, she owns 6 Airbnbs and operates a boutique hosting business. Her rentals have been featured on Airbnb's Instagram and blog, the Washington Post,, and other outlets.

Sarah has a strong design and hospitality background. Pair that with her love of real estate and construction and it makes her an ideal host for short-term rentals.


Annette Grant  partners with real estate investors on short-term rentals. She earned Superhost status by putting the guest first and creating memorable loft spaces in downtown Columbus. Her spaces are sought after not only by guests, but also businesses looking for gorgeous spaces for brand shoots.

Annette's skill in operations helped grow two business from the ground up to become multi-million dollar companies. She manages four short-term rentals and offers support to newbie host hopefuls.

"Annette and Sarah were instrumental in helping us get our first Airbnb online. Their process allowed us to get online (and making money) much faster than we would have on our own. I would highly recommend them to help you with your short term rental business."

Chase Clymer,

"I would have never had the confidence to start a STR business thousands of miles from my home without the guidance from Annette and Sarah. Because of them, I am able to run a successful short-term rental on the island of St.Croix. I'm loving Host life!"

Larry Nettles,

"These ladies know all the strategies you need to build a sustainable Airbnb business. They have a sense of fun that is contagious! Thanks to their expertise, my STR regularly earns 5-stars, I'm meeting my income goals, and will soon launch my 2nd Airbnb!"

Heather V.,

Your Investment


What you get when you take the Hosting Handbook Mini Course:

  • 1.5 hours of video lessons
  • 3 templates to download
  • 2 easy-to-use spreadsheets
  • Other bonus resources!
I'm Ready!

It's time to decide how you want to run your short-term rental ... 

Do you want to wake up calm and confident that you know how to run your hosting hobby like the business it is?

Do you want to spend time with your friends and family, knowing your guests are well taken care of during their stay?

If you're ready to truly host with heart and be profitable, just know that this is entirely within you reach. The Hosting Handbook Mini Course can help. 

What can you expect next? After you enroll, you'll receive an email with a link for immediate access to your course portal. Here, you'll find all of the instructional videos and resources. Your investment is for lifetime access to the course! And if the material doesn't meet your expectations, we'll refund your purchase—no questions asked.

If you're not satisfied, let us know right away and we'll refund your purchase. 

Brought to you from the women behind the Thanks for Visiting podcast.

You can be hospitable and profitable! Superhost status without burnout is possible.

Running an Airbnb with systems and plans is just way more fun!

Expert-led video lessons with Sarah & Annette. Templates to make it simple. You can reach higher goals, avoid burnout, and run your dream business with ease. Take your Airbnb hosting business to a new level for just $67.

Yes, Let's Get This Started!