#STRShareSunday: WanderChatt

strsharesunday Oct 31, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing WanderChatt!

We are so lucky to have been able to experience these container homes on the side of Lookout Mountain in Georgia. It was INCREDIBLE.

Michael is one of our Hosting Business Mastery members, and we had him on the show in episode 124.

The photos on their instagram do NOT do it justice. When you look at their listings, they've really woven together an amazing location and the experience of the actual containers. Each container has a different layout and amenities. There is so much attention to detail in all aspects of the property.

They actually opened up during the pandemic, and they have given their guests this incredible refuge. There is no wifi or TV, so the goal is to really enjoy the breathtaking views. No matter the time of day (sunrise, sunset, during the day), the views are absolutely incredible. These spaces are small but mighty and they give such an amazing guest experience.

Bonus: the containers,...

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#STRShareSunday: Mountain Lake Bungalow

strsharesunday Oct 24, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing Mountain Lake Bungalow!

This beautiful bungalow is located in the Catskills and hosted by Melinda and Matilda. They do an amazing job highlighting their outdoor spaces in their listing, and this place is all about the outdoors with truly wonderful views. But their indoor design is impeccable too! The decor is inspired by their native country, Sweden.

We are heading into the fall and winter, with so many still working from home, Melinda and Matilda let you know that their space is WFH-friendly, even going so far as to list their wifi speed. There are desks in each of the bedrooms (one has an amazing view)! They also have an adjustable desk for those who like to stand while working, and a printer!

If you have a little extra room in your budget, making your space WFH-friendly (or homeschool friendly) is a great way to encourage people to come stay with you!

Mountain Lake Bungalow on Instagram

Mountain Lake Bungalow on...

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#STRShareSunday: Mouse House Rentals

strsharesunday Oct 17, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing Mouse House Rentals!

We love the name... but we love the name more after we read their story! We were recently in San Antonio for a Vacation Rentals Management Association Conference (stay tuned for an episode about that), so we wanted to give them some love!

We have a whole section in our Hosting Business Mastery Method about knowing your WHY. Why do you host? Mouse House has their why completely nailed down in one of their posts, and it was hard for us not to get choked up reading it. Head over to their page and read it and we guarantee it will make you want to stay with them.

We LOVE how they have shared their why and we encourage you to do the same. Don't be afraid to share your story and share why you host with your guests! If you don't have your why, this industry can be very, very difficult. And when things go wrong with your rental, coming back to your why will keep you grounded and motivated to keep pushing...

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#STRShareSunday: Sanctuary 33

strsharesunday Oct 10, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing Sanctuary 33!

We're getting in the fall mood this week! All we have to say is... WOW. We rarely, if ever, see a cover photo like theirs. Head over to their instagram and click their listing to see what we're talking about there.

All of Marissa's photos are so inviting (tying into this week's episode), but there are a few things about this listing we also love. Marissa lets her guests know that she has a hot tub coming soon, which is a great idea for anyone adding an amenity. Let potential guests know what you're working on and what might be there if they are planning ahead!

We also love that Marissa highlights her covered porch so you can enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine!

Sanctuary 33 on Instagram

Sanctuary 33 on AirBnb

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#STRShareSunday: Blue Jay Haven

strsharesunday Oct 03, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing Blue Jay Haven!

Rebecca is your host, and she's been hashtagging us for awhile. We see you, Rebecca! It's your time to shine!  

Rebecca is really crushing the IG highlight game. She lets you know where you can get good cocktails, good food, and have some good sightseeing in her area. Other highlights we love: the reviews highlight, the "meet us" highlight so guests can get to know their hosts, and the renovation highlight so you can see her process and the before and after of her properties.

This helps connect the guest to the host and the property, and really helps show the time, love and care put into the property. If the guest feels more connected, they are more likely to treat the space the way it should be treated.  

We love the full, well-rounded picture and story telling that Rebecca has accomplished with her IG highlights! Go check her out for some inspo!

Blue Jay Haven on Instagram

Book Blue...

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#STRShareSunday: Gregory Hill BnB

strsharesunday Sep 26, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing Gregory Hill BnB! We're not sure if we've done a Rhode Island feature yet, but if not, here's our first #strsharesunday in the Ocean State!

We know we say this every week, but man, as we look at their amazing ocean view, we really really REALLY miss summer already.

We love the soothing color palette in these luxury spaces. You really want to create a vibe, both in your listing and on your social media, and these guys NAILED IT.

Everything that we talk about in photos, they got it. They highlight all those nooks and crannies where you can have a cup of coffee or curl up with a good book. They have different angles of the space, both interior, exterior, and the surrounding town.

Be sure to check out their "extra services" highlight reel on their instagram, and here's where they put their add-on services. One we haven't seen before is a "fit kit," which includes kettlebells, ankle and wrist weights, exercise cards, yoga...

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#STRShareSunday: The House on Law Street

strsharesunday Sep 19, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing The House on Law Street!

We're holding onto the last vestiges of summer with this one! This beautiful beach space is hosted by Kevin and located in Provincetown, MA.

We love how Kevin really highlights the patio in the hero images on AirBnb, and this is something we're seeing more and more of. We dig it! We see a lot of indoor spaces, so showing these outdoor spaces disrupts the feed and really makes it stand out. Don't be afraid to experiment with your images and see which ones are getting more activity!

On their instagram account, Kevin asks for people to dm #bookdirect, which is something we've never seen before. We love the idea of a call-to-action to get potential guests to DM you. We're gonna try it out!   

Check out Kevin's space and give him some love!

The House on Law Street on Instagram

The House on Law Street on AirBnb

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#STRShareSunday: Green Gate Guest Houses

strsharesunday Sep 12, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing Green Gate Guest Houses!

This alliterative space is actually not just one property, but multiple! What is SUPER neat about this place is that it's a former mining community that is being converted and rehabbed into these phenomenal spaces. There's a farmhouse, a barn house, an actual miner's house, a log cabin... all over 100 years old.

It's not something we can really do justice with an instagram caption but here's what we love:

We love how much the hosts have the story and the history of the property in the forefront, and it's not something we've really seen before.

We love the storytelling of the history of the property and the diversity of the homes of the property. What an amazing way to draw visitors to their space! Head over to their instagram, check out their website, and if you're in Minnesota, book a stay!


Green Gate Guest Houses on Instagram

Book a stay at Green Gate Guest Houses



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#STRShareSunday: Wild Pines Cabin

strsharesunday Sep 05, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing Wild Pines Cabin!

This is a renovated 1974 A-frame in Minnesota situated on 40 private acres. Yes. 4-0. This is a four season location and their feed makes you want to experience every single season here.

Their feed really gives you the vibe and what they want you to expect prior to arrival, and they do an amazing job about letting their guests know what to be mindful of before booking. They let their guests know that one of their bedrooms is in an open area without a door, that the steep staircase isn't necessarily great for kids or those with limited mobility, how you need a truck or SUV to access the property, etc.

Letting us know about these things made us want to book here MORE. We love transparency and authenticity!

Todd and Tessa, you're crushing it!

Wild Pines Cabin on Instagram

Wild Pines Cabin on AirBnb

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#STRShareSunday: The Hideaway Torquay

strsharesunday Aug 22, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing The Hideaway Torquay! 

You're gonna want to get over to their instagram STAT. We have not, in all of our time doing #strsharesunday, been totally swept away by a porch. This porch is AMAZING. Take notes!

The window to the kitchen that basically functions as an outside bar. They have extended their living area to this porch and you just wanna hang out there. You can drink coffee, read a book, relax, sit at the bar, you name it!

So many times when we highlight a space, we talk about the interior, but they have really revolutionized the exterior and utilized every square inch of the outdoor space! Not only is their porch incredible, but there's an outdoor shower and a fire pit too.

Rather than inviting them in, they have invited their guests outdoors.

Save us a seat at the bar!

The Hideaway Torquay on Instagram

The Hideaway Torquay's Website

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