#STRShareSunday: Bayshore Beach Lodge NJ

strsharesunday Sep 18, 2022

It’s time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Bayshore Beach Lodge NJ

Host Cherisse is is one of our HBMM members. She came to us when she was just opening up her rental, and she really dug right in to all of the content. She's taken all the advice, she's all in on her STR, and you can tell by her instagram.

She has her phone number in her profile for people to book direct, which is something we haven't seen before. Don't worry Cherisse, we won't be prank phone calling you anytime soon. (Is your refrigerator running? You better go catch it! )

She's Safety Certified by Breezeway so be sure to check out her IG and her blog.

We are so proud of you Cherisse! You've been such a go-getter and you've been so focused on creating a safe, amazing space that is a true gem to your community.

Bayshore Beach Lodge on Instagram

Book Direct: Bayshore Beach Lodge

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#STRShareSunday: Mostess Host

strsharesunday Sep 12, 2022

It’s time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Mostess Host

This host is near and dear to our hearts. She's one of our Hosting Business Mastery Method Coaches, and you may know her as Flipping Wendy. Check out her instagram and her website!

Wendy has boutique vacation homes in Arizona, and her design is out of this world! She's also a co-host. Go to her website and check out everything she does, from her design, to her photos, to her copy, to the way she runs her co-hosting business. She's been in the industry for a long time, and she is so incredibly knowledgable.

Wendy is also really involved in her local community which is SO important. Give her a follow and soak up everything you can from her. Wendy is top notch!


Mostess Host on Instagram

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#STRShareSunday: The Acorn Cabin

strsharesunday Sep 05, 2022

It's time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing the Acorn Cabin

Love the little play on words and spelling in their instagram handle!

Here's the deal... host Claudia has a couple hundred instagram followers BUT she's really utilizing reels in her content. Some of her reels are getting thousands of views, which means thousands of pairs of eyes on her property! One of the things Claudia did really well was a collaboration campaign with an influencer. If you have influencers staying at your property, ask them to create a few reels of their stay!

Add this idea into your marketing tool belt , check out her reels, and give her some love! Her space is GORGEOUS

psst... we are cranking out reels left and right and it's paid off big time!

The Acorn Cabin on Instagram

The Acorn Cabin on AirBnb

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#STRShareSunday: Lodge Noir

strsharesunday Aug 29, 2022

It's time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Lodge Noir

There are three specific things we want to talk about that we love about Lodge Noir, especially in regards to staging.

1. They have an amazing dedicated workspace that overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains. Great for anyone working from home!

2. They have a game room with a pool table and foosball table... perfect for a rainy day! It also catches your eye in the photos, especially if you're looking to travel with a group.

3. Let's talk LIGHTING This is something that often gets overlooked in design, and we talk about it often. They have a ton of overhead and secondary lighting fixtures that are AMAZING and lend to the design. Including exterior lighting (we love a bistro light!) They also have bedside lamps in each of their bedrooms. We see hosts leave these out a lot... don't leave these out!

Well done Lodge Noir!

Also... there are over 12,000 posts on this hashtag and tons of people are following it. THANK YOU!


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#STRShareSunday: James Staging Co.

strsharesunday Aug 22, 2022

It's time for #strsharesundayToday we are sharing James Staging Co. 

We're mixing it up this week! Shoutout to ALL the stagers out there... we know how hard you work!

We're highlighting James Staging Co because she specifically helps stage vacant and occupied homes AND short-term rentals! If you are feeling a little lost when it comes to staging your property and unsure of where to start, real estate stagers are a great resource for you to use to help you create an amazing space.

Giving lots of love to the stagers out there! If you need help staging or designing your STR, check out James Staging Co!

James Staging Co. on Instagram

Website: James Staging Co.

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#STRShareSunday: Bella Cresta Broken Bow

strsharesunday Aug 15, 2022

It's time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Bella Cresta Broken Bow.

We're gonna hit you with something we've never seen before. Right when you go to their instagram, they have post that directs to their YouTube channel, and it's a full tour of their property. We cannot wait until video is a bigger part of the booking process, but Bella Cresta Broken Bow has kind of done that!

Take some inspiration from them. Video as a medium is hot hot hot right now in social media land, so take advantage of it. Record a video tour of your property and put it out there. You don't even have to show your face! How awesome would it be if potential guests could really see your property through video this way?

Also... YouTube is free

Well done!

By the way... check out their website too. Their branding is *on point*

Bella Cresta Broken Bow on Instagram

Book Directly: Bella Cresta Broken Bow

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#STRShareSunday: Guest House 71

strsharesunday Aug 08, 2022

It's time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Guest House 71!

This beautiful Alberta, Canada rental has something we've never seen before... hosts Darrell and Dawna bought a 600 sq. foot guest house on a piece of property and moved it do a different place that they thought would be a better spot! They have pictures of it on their feed on a truck being moved.

It might only be 600 sq. feet, but every inch of this space has been designed with the guest in mind. It's beautiful! If you have a dream, if you have a vision, you can make it come true! (That includes seeing a house somewhere, wanting to buy it, and moving it to an entirely different property)

Thank you Guest House 71 for showing us that!

Guest House 71 on Instagram

Book Guest House 71

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#STRShareSunday: Adohi Cabin

strsharesunday Jul 31, 2022

It's time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Adohi Cabin.

These two intimate and restful tiny cabins in the woods are cute as a button. But here's something we want to bring up, which we have never brought to y'all's attention before (shoutout to Adohi Cabin for being the first STR to inspire us to talk about this). They also list their units on Hipcamp.

What is Hipcamp? Hipcamp is another OTA like AirBnB or VRBO. It started out with predominately camping sites but they have *really* expanded. We encourage all of you land, tent, yurt, RV, and cabin owners to check out Hipcamp to see if your property qualifies. Even if you just have a piece land and you're still in the building process, you may still qualify to list your property on Hipcamp!

Well done Adohi Cabin in diversifying where you are listing!

Also I mean... come on... these cabins are to die for! especially those tubs!

Adohi Cabin on Instagram

Adohi Cabin on AirBnB

Adohi Cabin on Hipcamp


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#STRShareSunday: Bayview Bigfoot

strsharesunday Jul 25, 2022

It's time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Bayview Bigfoot

Guys... WE FOUND BIGFOOT. Turns out, Bigfoot loves a short-term rental. Who knew?

Bigfoot is even in the listing photos of this Sasquatch-themed rental!

We love this space and how it's tastefully designed and decorated while still weaving Bigfoot throughout. What a fun spot for a family vacation. Well done with the theme and creating such a great space for your guests!

This space is proof that whatever is in alignment with what you want to do, no matter how kitschy or out-there your idea may be, go for it!

Bayview Bigfoot on Instagram

Bayview Bigfoot on AirBnB

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#STRShareSunday: The Chal-A Vermont

strsharesunday Jul 11, 2022

!It's time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing The Chal-A!

Take some tips from this account! They aren't even open yet and they have been bringing us along on the journey of building this property and starting out. So many of us want to wait until everything is perfect before we put it out to the world, but they're doing the exact opposite! They're taking us along on the adventure and we are here for it

It's going to be an A-frame and an airstream on the same property, and we think it's SO encouraging! A lot of people think that we don't want to see the "behind the scenes" or the mess.... BUT WE DO! We show a lot of accounts that do before and afters, and we love that, but we also love being taken along for the ride. People don't just buy what you're doing, they buy WHY you're doing it. They have a lot of focus on family, they love the area, and putting it all together is a true labor of love. We're invested in the story and we can't wait to see how it turns out.


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