79 | Attracting Influencers to Your Short Term Rental | with Levi Kelly

podcast Sep 10, 2020


Is your short term rental fit for stardom?

Levi Kelly is a YouTuber with over 150k subscribers—which he gained in just one year—with some videos reaching millions of views! He specializes with touring unique Airbnbs from all over the world, such as tiny homes, container homes, tree houses, and more. He also has a show with the Design Network called Tiny BNB. He’s visited over 70 unique Airbnbs and he believes that having an all-around superb Airbnb is necessary starting now.

When he’s choosing an Airbnb, the biggest thing he’s looking for is a hook that’s going to get people to want to watch. If it’s just a room or a house, that has a purpose, but it’s not going to grab anyone’s attention. If you want your property to get media attention, keep in mind. You want your property to WOW.

Influencer marketing can be a huge attractor to your rental if you approach it in the right way. Whether you’re reaching out to...

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