STR Share Sunday: The Riley House

Mar 28, 2021

It's time for #strsharesunday and today we are featuring The Riley House!

Bill and Tammie are your hosts and we love their story. They bought the home, lived in it, jazzed it up, all the while knowing it would one day function as a Short Term Rental. Once they made the home beautiful, they moved out and started renting it out, and the remnants of the love and care they put into is while they lived in it do not go unnoticed.

This is a large 4 bedroom home, but it's listed in 2 different ways! It's listed as a 4 bedroom first, and THEN as a 2 bedroom, and the calendars sync and talk with each other. Now why is that? As a date gets closer and it isn't booked as a 4 bedroom, then it's released as a 2 bedroom. Profit margins are higher for a 4 bedroom, but if that isn't booked, the ability for someone to book it as a 2 bedroom exists also.

Bill and Tammie leave a bottle of wine and amenity list for guests, and their soaking tub is to die for! 🤤 Go show Bill and Tammie some love!

The Riley House on Instagram

The Riley House on AirBnb


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