#STRShareSunday: The Poffs

Jan 03, 2022

Happy *belated* #strsharesunday (#strsharemonday?)

Today we are sharing the Poffs !

This week is a little different than the others. We get a lot of questions on how to have multiple instagram accounts if you have multiple properties and/or your own instagram for yourself or another business. Take a look at what they've done! Danielle and Adam are AirBnb hosts and influencers, and they've done a really nice job on their page giving some love to their properties.

Here are their properties:

If you're wondering if you should create multiple instagrams for your properties, how you can keep up with that, take a look at their pages for inspiration and see how they're doing it and how they differentiate their properties.

As we head into the new year, you're planning your social media and marketing strategy, and we know how tricky it can be! But it CAN be done, so check them out for some inspo!

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