#STRShareSunday: The Oliver OKC

Aug 15, 2021

It’s time for #strsharesunday and today we are sharing The Oliver OKC

! Three huge things about this space that we want to highlight:

1. They have really paid attention to every 👏🏼 single 👏🏼 light fixture 👏🏼 in their property, and if you've never paid attention to your light fixtures, we encourage you to look up, because it is an affordable investment you can make to really transform your space.

2. The reason why we really noticed their lighting is because they purchased it all from a local shop in their town and it's all custom made. Be intentional about your lighting AND be intentional about who you purchase it from! Check out the shop too: @livebohookc

3. They have a GUEST CHALKBOARD WALL where people can write little notes, so the guest, turnover team, and all future guests can enjoy the messages! We love this modern and unique take on a guest book.

The Oliver OKC on Instagram

The Oliver OKC on AirBnB

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