Oct 18, 2020

Time for #STRShareSunday! This week is a little different... since there was no episode this week, we're going to highlight one of our listings and some STR #protips

This listing is located in Columbus and hosted by Nestrs

Here's a few STR tips to glean from this space:

✔️ There is an attached garage, which the owner wasn't sure if they wanted to include, however, guests LOVE the off-street parking. Think how much you would normally pay for parking downtown! Knowing that their car is safe in a garage is HUGE for guests, so the takeaway here is even a simple amenity like parking can make all the difference for your guests!

✔️ Highlight the amazing things about your property, but also highlight the quirks. In this listing, there's only one full bathroom, and it's located on the first floor off the kitchen, while the two bedrooms are upstairs. I make sure to make this clear in the listing so my elderly guests or guests of limited mobility are aware!

✔️ This home is in a great location and has a private garage, but we still had to invest in it. Those beams were added to give it a cozy, organic vibe. Remember: it's so important to create and design a great space for your guests. Don't skimp on decor or those special touches!

Visit this listing HERE

Check back next week for an AWESOME rental by one of our listeners!

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