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STR Share Sunday: McJoppa the Hut

strsharesunday Jan 03, 2021

Star Wars fans... this one's for you! We absolutely could not get enough of Ely, Minnesota! Time for our second Ely #STRsharesunday in a row (and our first of 2021, woohoo!), @mcjoppa.the.hut!

 Chrissie and Rich are your hosts, and they are hosting some AMAZING stays. Winters in Minnesota can be pretty wild, but we love how Chrissie and Rich have highlighted all their winter amenities to insure your stay is comfortable: garage parking, snow removal service, in floor heat mats, heated mattress pads, gas fireplace, sleds, snowshoes, board games, hot chocolate... I mean... sounds like the perfect place for a winter getaway! Make sure you head over and show Chrissie and Rich some love!

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