#STRShareSunday: Las Terrazas

Jan 17, 2022

It's time for #strsharesunday! Today we are sharing Las Terrazas! Andrea and her wife live in NYC and they are the hosts of this beautiful property in their native Puerto Rico.

There is so much to look at in their listing. They've done an amazing job in their copy (and this is something we haven't talked about in a long time. Maybe we can do an episode on it, what do you think?)... so much so that we are ready to pack up and go visit RIGHT NOW. Read through the way they describe every magical part of their property and the way they explain their neighborhood and what to expect.

Their photos tell such a beautiful story of all the unique nooks and crannies of their home. They show people eating at the table, working on a laptop at the desk, sitting in the hot tub, and reading in the reading nook to help you envision your own stay there. The custom paint is beautiful and the way they have styled the photos with guests in them is so well done and so unique! We'd love to be able to visit one day!

Las Terrazas on Instagram

Las Terrazas on AirBnb

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