#STRShareSunday: Adohi Cabin

Feb 07, 2021

Time for #STRsharesunday and this week we are featuring Adohi Cabin!

This is a DARLING 528 sq. foot cabin in the north Georgia mountains hosted by Andrea, and it's SO adorable, we just want to jump in our cars and go RIGHT NOW.

Andrea truly found a way to capture the exact amount of character. There is so much care put into this cabin, with every nook and cranny designed to ensure that their guests have a wonderful stay. With 5 stars across the board, you know it's a great place to be!

TIP: if you have renovated your space or are planning on doing so, people LOVE a before and after, so make an instagram highlight to show the progress and tell that story!

They *used to* have a heart-shaped tub, but they got rid of it. So if ANYONE knows where this tub is... Annette wants to make you an offer 😂

Adohi Cabin on Instagram

Adohi Cabin on AirBnB

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