#STRShareSunday: Farrand Hall

strsharesunday Jan 31, 2021

Time for #STRsharesunday and this week we are featuring Farrand Hall! 

Let's start with the DREAMY pink front door. What do you think!?

We could spend an hour going through their listing and talking about all the things they're doing right! This place is just too good.

Want to stay overnight? You can do that.

Want to host your wedding here? You can do that too.

Every picture they post is instagram-worthy, the interior design is ON POINT, and they truly do an amazing job capturing the essence of the kind of experience you could have should you decide to book their space for an event or just a getaway!

The home was built in 1854 (vintage... LOVE!), and you can purchase products and merch online that they have created specific to their property. What a way to elevate the guest experience!

If you want to do more with your property, make sure you check them out, look at what they're doing, and give them a like and follow!

Farrand Hall on Instagram

Farrand Hall's Website


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98 | You Can Become a Million Dollar Host | with Julie George

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2021

Julie George is a celebrity in the Airbnb world. She’s the author of “Million Dollar Host” and now a consultant in the STR industry. She listed her first property on Airbnb in 2016 and, less than three years later, she was managing 130 properties on Airbnb for property owners,  amassing an excess of $8 million in bookings. She sold her management business to a larger company, and now mentors other budding entrepreneurs on how to build a successful business in the sharing economy. She shares how she got started managing properties, how she scaled her business structure so quickly, what she might have done differently, and why she decided to sell.




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#STRShareSunday: Saguaro Whispers

strsharesunday Jan 24, 2021

Time for #STRsharesunday and this week we are featuring Saguaro Whispers !

This is an amazing, luxurious desert getaway in the Casa Grande foothills of Arizona. This rental is owned by three amazing women: Norah, Ana Karina, and Maria. There are three casitas on their B&B property.

What we love is that they are working on a garden and offering farm-to-table selection. They are really trying to encourage their guests to unwind, rise when they want, and relax without strict adherence to a schedule.

Saguaro Whispers on Instagram

Saguaro Whispers on AirBnB

We would love to feature YOU, so don’t forget to use the #STRShareSunday to get your chance!


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97 | Short-Term Rentals are Not Just About Heads in Beds

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2021

 Excuse us while we get on our soapbox: We are so anti heads-in-beds. We are not about getting as many people into a space as possible to make as much money as possible.

We’ve consulted on properties before where it’s clear the goal of the owner is just to get people in, give them a place to sleep, and make some money—and we’ve had to get brutally honest about what they need to do to remain competitive.

Whether you’re hosting a property yourself or helping to manage someone else’s, there are definitely some things that are non-negotiable. Would you stay at your own property on a weekend getaway? If not, why? And why would someone pay your rate instead of something offered at a lower price? You have to understand what you need to offer to demand a top-dollar rental fee. You have to think about the location, the interior condition, and the quality of the furnishings. All of this is going to impact the impressions of the people who stay —...

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#STRShareSunday: Anna's Getaway

strsharesunday Jan 17, 2021

Time for #STRshareSunday and today we're sharing Anna's Getaway!

Anna is a five star superhost from San Diego, CA! If you haven't done this already, in your highlights on instagram, HIGHLIGHT YOURSELF! Part of what is so amazing about AirBnb is that people want to stay and get to know the HOST and the city they call home. Anna does a great job at showing who she is before you book or stay!

She has hundreds of reviews, knows exactly what she's doing, her branding is on point. We also love that she requests that you hashtag her during your stay so she can participate in your stay. Have your own own hashtag (let them know what it is in your welcome message or welcome book or on your instagram), and it will give you content to share and insight into how your guests enjoy their stay!

Anna's Getaway on Instagram

Anna's Getaway on AirBnB


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96 | Create a Space Where Everyone Belongs | with Amy Corbett of All Belong Co

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2021

Why are you interested in short-term rental hosting? Like everything in life, hosting is not always easy, and when the hard times inevitably come, you’ll want to be able to look back and remember the strong “why” that got you started.

Amy Corbett is the founder and chief Airbnb-er of All Belong Collective, a small business that specializes in creating unique spaces where anyone can belong. She and her husband had always had a hobby of renovating houses into long-term rentals. They were in the middle of creating an apartment when they first heard of Airbnb, and they decided to dive right in and give it a try. She got invested in being the best host she could be, and eventually she realized she felt passionate about helping others be the best hosts they could be too.

Amy’s family is not a typical family, and they struggled to feel like they truly belong. But they take their diverse family very seriously, and they try to celebrate it in everything they do. This...

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#STRShareSunday: The Bungalow CDA

strsharesunday Jan 10, 2021

Time for #STRsharesunday and this week we are featuring The Bungalow CDA!

This 1920s bungalow is located in Coeur D'Alene, ID! We love how they have set up their instagram stories and have repurposed their photos and reviews! Sometimes your reviews can get stale in your listing, but using a graphic design program like Canva (don't worry! it's super easy for beginners) to make them pretty on your instagram account!

Since this is the beginning of the year, now would be a great time to do a little instagram inventory of your story highlights, which can really share a lot about your property.

The Bungalow CDA on Instagram

The Bungalow CDA on AirBnB

We would love to feature YOU, so don’t forget to use the #STRShareSunday to get your chance!


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95 | SEO Optimization Tips for Your Airbnb | with Kelvin Mah

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2021

Do you have a great property with beautiful photos and a fair price that you just KNOW would get more bookings… if you could just get it in front of more eyes?

Kelvin Mah is the founder of RankBreeze, a company that helps short-term rental managers get more bookings by optimizing their Airbnb listings for better search rankings and conversions—and that means more money! 

SEO (or search engine optimization) is the backbone of internet marketing. Or, as Kelvin says, “Search engine optimization is the art and science of getting your properties in front of as many people as possible.” When someone is looking for a place to stay, you want to be able to show up as close to the top of those results as possible so people can see your property and fall in love.

Most people think of Google when they think SEO, but Airbnb is primarily a search engine as well. RankBreeze helps people understand where their rankings are and do small tests to optimize their...

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#STRShareSunday: McJoppa the Hut

strsharesunday Jan 03, 2021

Star Wars fans... this one's for you! We absolutely could not get enough of Ely, Minnesota! Time for our second Ely #STRsharesunday in a row (and our first of 2021, woohoo!), @mcjoppa.the.hut!

 Chrissie and Rich are your hosts, and they are hosting some AMAZING stays. Winters in Minnesota can be pretty wild, but we love how Chrissie and Rich have highlighted all their winter amenities to insure your stay is comfortable: garage parking, snow removal service, in floor heat mats, heated mattress pads, gas fireplace, sleds, snowshoes, board games, hot chocolate... I mean... sounds like the perfect place for a winter getaway! Make sure you head over and show Chrissie and Rich some love!

McJoppa the Hut on Instagram

McJoppa the Hut on AirBnB

We would love to feature YOU, so don’t forget to use the #STRShareSunday to get your chance!


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94 | How to Make Your Short-Term Rental Safe: Top 5 Preventable STR Accidents from 2020 | with Justin Ford

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2020

When people stay at a rental property, they have an expectation that the property is safe and secure. This is something that we, as hosts, need to make our top priority.

But in 2020, there were several preventable incidents in short-term rentals that managed to make the news, and we’re going to go over each of them—and how to make sure you’re only making headlines for the right reasons.

Of course, that means we’re talking to Justin Ford, our safety captain at Thanks For Visiting and the director of safety and certifications programs at Breezeway. As usual, he’s going to give us a wake-up call when it comes to safety.

CO2 Leaks

10 adults, 15 children hospitalized after carbon monoxide leak in Donnelly

  • Keep in mind how many people should be staying at your property.
  • You need a carbon monoxide detector in your property, no matter what.
  • Our Recommended CO Alarm

Fire Damage

Barbecue Grill Identified as Cause of Lake of the Ozarks Condo Fire

  • Inspect your...
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