95 | SEO Optimization Tips for Your Airbnb | with Kelvin Mah

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2021

Do you have a great property with beautiful photos and a fair price that you just KNOW would get more bookings… if you could just get it in front of more eyes?

Kelvin Mah is the founder of RankBreeze, a company that helps short-term rental managers get more bookings by optimizing their Airbnb listings for better search rankings and conversions—and that means more money! 

SEO (or search engine optimization) is the backbone of internet marketing. Or, as Kelvin says, “Search engine optimization is the art and science of getting your properties in front of as many people as possible.” When someone is looking for a place to stay, you want to be able to show up as close to the top of those results as possible so people can see your property and fall in love.

Most people think of Google when they think SEO, but Airbnb is primarily a search engine as well. RankBreeze helps people understand where their rankings are and do small tests to optimize their...

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#STRShareSunday: McJoppa the Hut

strsharesunday Jan 03, 2021

Star Wars fans... this one's for you! We absolutely could not get enough of Ely, Minnesota! Time for our second Ely #STRsharesunday in a row (and our first of 2021, woohoo!), @mcjoppa.the.hut!

 Chrissie and Rich are your hosts, and they are hosting some AMAZING stays. Winters in Minnesota can be pretty wild, but we love how Chrissie and Rich have highlighted all their winter amenities to insure your stay is comfortable: garage parking, snow removal service, in floor heat mats, heated mattress pads, gas fireplace, sleds, snowshoes, board games, hot chocolate... I mean... sounds like the perfect place for a winter getaway! Make sure you head over and show Chrissie and Rich some love!

McJoppa the Hut on Instagram

McJoppa the Hut on AirBnB

We would love to feature YOU, so don’t forget to use the #STRShareSunday to get your chance!


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94 | How to Make Your Short-Term Rental Safe: Top 5 Preventable STR Accidents from 2020 | with Justin Ford

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2020

When people stay at a rental property, they have an expectation that the property is safe and secure. This is something that we, as hosts, need to make our top priority.

But in 2020, there were several preventable incidents in short-term rentals that managed to make the news, and we’re going to go over each of them—and how to make sure you’re only making headlines for the right reasons.

Of course, that means we’re talking to Justin Ford, our safety captain at Thanks For Visiting and the director of safety and certifications programs at Breezeway. As usual, he’s going to give us a wake-up call when it comes to safety.

CO2 Leaks

10 adults, 15 children hospitalized after carbon monoxide leak in Donnelly

  • Keep in mind how many people should be staying at your property.
  • You need a carbon monoxide detector in your property, no matter what.
  • Our Recommended CO Alarm

Fire Damage

Barbecue Grill Identified as Cause of Lake of the Ozarks Condo Fire

  • Inspect your...
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#STRShareSunday: Ely Log Cabin

strsharesunday Dec 27, 2020

It's time for STR Share Sunday! This week we are featuring Ely Log Cabin

Who wants to stay with some Addie and Ben, two American Ninja Warrior hosts!? Guests LOVE to know who you're staying with, so don't hide your story!

We LOVE this off-the-grid, solar log cabin! The cabin is situated on 40 private acres in Minnesota, and they have TOTALLY mastered the art of the traditional log cabin while still holding onto the modern amenities and look that guests are looking for.

Addie & Ben's cabin sleeps 6, has a gym, a fireplace, and a dedicated work space! Who wouldn't want to work from home here!?

Make sure you check out their page, give them a heart and a like on instagram!

Ely Log Cabin on Instagram

Ely Log Cabin on AirBnB

We would love to feature YOU, so don’t forget to use #STRsharesunday to get your chance!


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93 | The Senior Nomads on Retiring Around the World | with Debbie and Michael Campbell

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2020

Can you retire to travel the world staying at Airbnbs for the same cost of staying at home?

Michael and Debbie Campbell are known as The Senior Nomads. They come from Seattle, Washington, but as they headed into retirement they felt the call to adventure. They rented out their home, sold their sailboat, cars, and anything that wouldn’t fit into a small storage unit, and they set off to explore the world.

After years of being seasoned Airbnb guests, they have a thing or two to share with the hosting community about what makes a listing attractive to potential guests and what’s important when it comes to services provided. They share how COVID-19 has impacted their travels, how they handle mail without a permanent address, how they manage their budget, and making healthcare and emergency information readily available to guests.




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#STRShareSunday: Vintage in the Vineyard

strsharesunday Dec 20, 2020

You guys HAVE to check out this Instagram account. We want to get on the road RIGHT NOW to go visit this rental, aptly named "Rosie"! Rosie is a 15 foot on 1964 Oasis Camper (completely made over of course, TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!), located on a vineyard in Southern California and hosted by Victoria. Photographers flock to it since it's such a great space for content creators (psst... dual incomes! Income from guests and income from content creators looking to rent space for a short amount of time for shoots!).

Rosie is adorable, has multiple 5 star reviews, and we love how Victoria has leaned into the feminine side of Rosie and built a brand.

You're on our wishlist, Victoria! Listeners - be sure to give a heart and a follow!

Vintage in the Vineyard on Instagram

Vintage in the Vineyard's Website

Vintage in the Vineyard on AirBnb

We would love to feature YOU, so don’t forget to use the #STRShareSunday to get your chance!


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92 | Remote Hosting, Real Estate, & House Hacking | with Zeona McIntyre

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2020

Are short term rentals the quickest way to financial independence?

We’ve been fangirls of Zeona McIntyre for a while. She’s been an Airbnb host since 2012, and after eight years of being a property manager and consultant, she’s transitioned into selling real estate to investors looking to “house hack.” She owns seven homes and manages 15 on a short- to medium-term basis.

We were interested to hear how she began to host remotely, as this is something many people are interested in but are scared to get started. Hosting remotely, it turns out, is actually not that different from being a local host. The most important thing is to have a reliable cleaning team and handyman that you can get in contact with whenever necessary.

When problems do crop up, it can be scary. Not being there to respond can make you feel helpless. You just have to be creative about your problem-solving, because you aren’t going to be able to do it yourself if somebody falls...

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STR Share Sunday: the Lake View Haven

strsharesunday Dec 13, 2020

It's time for #STRsharesunday! Today we are featuring the Lake View Haven !

This rental is hosted by our friend and student, Becky! We've stayed at Becky's properties before... but not this one! (let's add it to the list, shall we?)

We LOVE how clear she is in her description in her instagram, and what's super cool about her is that she's SUPER into DIY (and very talented!), and she shares a lot of how she's decorated her rentals on her instagram account. Her decor is so on point and she's a GREAT designer, and she's not afraid to showcase it on her socials!

Give her a like and a follow on instagram and show her some love!

The Lake View Haven on Instagram

The Lake View Haven on AirBnB

We would love to feature YOU, so don’t forget to use the #STRShareSunday to get your chance!


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91 | Top 5 Episodes of 2020

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2020



As 2020 heads to a close, we want to round up our top 5 most listened to episodes of the year and explain why we think they’re getting so much attention. If you’ve never heard them before, or even if you’ve heard them once, this is a great time to listen to them and let them sink in.

#5 Episode 52 | From Flipper to Short Term Rentals | with Becky Rhey

Becky and her husband were flipping properties, but it wasn’t really going how they thought it would. They were still very interested in real estate and diversifying their investments, and Becky is into DIY and home decor, so transitioning to short term rentals made sense for them.

#4 Episode 75 | Live Airbnb Coaching! | Ashley Wilson @athomewithashley

Ashley Wilson has a popular Instagram account and blog, and she knows how to make a home beautiful. We all have room for improvement and more things to learn, and we think that’s why this episode did so well. Hearing a popular, successful host...

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STR Share Sunday: Willow Chalet

strsharesunday Dec 06, 2020

It's time for #STRsharesunday ! Today we are featuring the Willow Chalet!

Willow Chalet is located in Big Bear Lake, CA and hosted by Superhosts Theresa and JJ, and it is cute as a button!

What we LOVE is that they have used their AirBnb listing as their own FAQ page, adding questions they get from guests with their answers! We like to tell you to have canned responses for these kinds of general questions, but we LOVE the idea of posing this as a question, rather than a statement in your listing

Instead of saying "we have towels!" which is easy for a guest to scroll past, posing it as a question like...

Q: Do we need to bring our own towels?

A: No! We provide them for you!

...is GENIUS!

If you haven't check them out and give them some love!!

Willow Chalet on Instagram

Willow Chalet on AirBnb

We would love to feature YOU, so don’t forget to use the #STRShareSunday to get your chance!


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