82 | The Role of the Inspector

Oct 01, 2020


The turnover process is the foundation of a thriving rental business. If you’re not ready for that next guest, they are going to let you know.

One role we haven’t discussed before is that of the inspector. Whether you’re doing your research before you start renting, you’re just starting, you’re feeling hosting fatigue, or you’re a seasoned renter with hundreds of units, this information will be relevant to you. Utilizing the role of inspector effectively can be an absolute game-changer for your business. Let’s talk about how you can implement this in your business, shall we?

What the heck is an inspector?

Whether this is you in the early stages of business or part of your turnover team as your business grows, the inspector is someone who can come in after your cleaning team with a fresh set of eyes to see all the things your guests are likely going to see. Our cleaning teams are under a lot of pressure, and this role is meant to add another layer to help them and make sure everything is in perfect shape for your guests. This is essential for being a top-notch host.

First Things First

Prioritize things that could go wrong very fast, especially if it’s something that would require a trip to the store to fix. After that, move on to the exterior, and then the interior space, broken down by room. You can never check safety elements enough. You need to systematize the process so that your properties impress consistently every single time. This is exactly how hotels pull it off.

Even if you’re facing a downtime right now, this is the perfect time to start bringing your A-game to your properties.




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