81 | Stage to Rent Q&A

Sep 24, 2020

 We are in the process of launching our Stage to Rent Academy course for anyone who wants to create a living furnishing and designing short-term rentals. So, we wanted to go over some of the questions we have received during our webinars! Regardless of whether you’re a designer, stager, owner, or host, these questions and our answers will add value to your business and get your wheels turning.

Which room should I spend the most money on: the bedrooms or the living space?

These are easily getting the bulk of the time with guests. But which one you focus on more depends on a couple of things.

  • What does your property specialize in? Are you a one-bedroom business or travel stay more downtown, or are you a sprawling vacation space? Think about how much time your ideal guests will want to spend in each area.
  • Think about what you need in the space before you start working about your dollar amount.
  • The two most expensive items are likely going to be your couch and your mattress.


What are must-haves for the kitchen in a one-room space?

The basics are the same whether it’s a one-room space or a larger vacation rental. A good rule of thumb is to have everything you need to cook a full turkey dinner. If you’re not the cooking type, ask a more culinary friend to cook a meal there and let you know if there’s anything missing.

You also want to make sure you have the basics: salt, pepper, olive oil, cooking spray. Having it available is going to make your property so much more appealing.


How do you find the balance of decorating and staging that feels natural? 

People who stay in Airbnbs regularly are going to spot the same affordable decor again and again. That doesn’t mean those beautiful decor items from Target aren’t great, but they don’t look unique. Try to be thoughtful about the decor items you use and don’t overindulge. A few unique items can go a long way.




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