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72 | The Benefits of Cleaning Training & Certification | with Jill Mason

Jul 16, 2020

We’re going to get down and dirty with cleaning!

Jill Mason is the founder and CEO of She’s been working with property managers and cleaning companies for over four years to make them more efficient and accurate, and she’s recently pivoted into staff training with her new cleaning certification program.

Cleaning is not just about tidiness—it is about keeping your team and your guests safe.

Once COVID-19 arrived, many property managers were trying to figure out how to get their staff back out onto the field safely. Jill’s company, VRScheduler, combed through all of the information coming out of the WHO, the CDC, Department of Labor resources, and more to build out a comprehensive online course that is understandable for anyone. It’s filled with all of the protocols you need to know to keep yourself and others from getting sick.

As an example of what you might find in the course, it outlines very specific guidelines for deciding when you should return to work after being sick, such as monitoring your temperature, waiting the appropriate amount of days after a fever drops, and more. There are also guidelines for cleaning such as doing laundry and vacuuming that most people wouldn’t think of.

The certification is done annually because the information is constantly being updated—not to mention what you might forget over time. Not only does the certification give guests confidence in the work you are doing, it ensures that you are keeping yourself, your staff, and your guests safe. And it makes the learning process easier because you don’t have to search out this information on your own.

We have always highly recommended showing proof of the hard work you put in, and getting certified to prove that your cleaning process is safe has massive benefits for you AND your guests.




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