70 | How Hostfully Can Help You Reach More Customers & Guarantee a Great Guest Experience | with Margot Schmorak

Jul 02, 2020


What if you could simplify the way you run your short term rental business?

Margot Schmorak is the CEO and co-founder of Hostfully, a property management software company that services thousands of properties worldwide and helps you do just that. Hostfully helps to automate guest communications, distribution across multiple platforms, and integrates with other companies in the vacation rental space. They empower property managers with an essential platform to be able to make choices about how they run their business.

One of the biggest opportunities for property managers is to do your own direct marketing. Google will be coming in soon and they will go around many of the top booking platforms such as Airbnb. You need to be prepared for that instead of trying to react. Working with a company like Hostfully will help you structure your data in a way that Google can read it.

There are so many variables when it comes to growing your business: the regulatory environment, the taxes involved, how many units you have, how concentrated they are, the length of stays, whether or not you have co-hosts, and more. One of the reasons Hostfully is creating a platform product is to enable hosts to make the choices that they want. One concrete thing you can do, regardless of where you are, is taking a look at the Hostfully Maturity Model and see where you can improve different categories of your business.

Another fantastic aspect of Hostfully is their guidebook template service. We’ve talked about the importance of personalized guidebooks for your properties before, and they are truly a set-it-and-forget-it kind of perk for your guests! Hostfully makes it so easy to make guidebooks for each of your properties by copying over the parts that stay the same, letting you adjust restaurant or attraction recommendations easily per property, and more. It makes one of the most important upsells you can offer simple.

There are so many benefits to a platform like Hostfully, but even without using the platform, Hostfully has provided a ton of resources for you to grow your short term rental business. Check out the resources below for more.




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