68 | Why Aligning with Your Clients is Essential to Your Business

Jun 18, 2020


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When people talk about starting a new business, one topic that doesn’t get enough attention is choosing your customers — but this is imperative to running a successful business.

When we talk about customers here, we’re referring to hosting clients — the owner of the property who you are partnering with. Co-hosting is one of the biggest opportunities out there for building a business, and you can start making money right away. But your success in that depends greatly on who you choose to work with.

What happens when you choose clients who you are incredibly aligned with? When your clients know who you are, like you, and trust you, they let you do your job and trust in your expertise. You’ll also be more likely to have the properties and amenities match your level of standards. And best of all, they will help you enhance your brand, leading to a positive reputation you can build upon.

So how do you find these aligned clients? It’s easier than you may think. 

When you have your first touchpoint with your new potential client, you want to do a lot of listening: the priorities they have, their strategies for growth, and more. If you’re getting an off feeling from the start, it’s probably not the direction you want to go in. You do also need to have a contract or agreement that lays out the finer details of your partnership.

Every property you add to your portfolio is essentially another business in itself. You need to be intentional, thoughtful, and cautious when taking on new clients. Trust your gut, and only work with people who have the same goals you do. That is the quickest way to growth and success.




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