63 | Cleaning is Now Safety | with Safety Captain Justin Ford

May 14, 2020


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We’ve talked about safety before, and we’ve talked about cleaning, but one thing is now clear in a COVID-19 world: Cleaning is safety.

We have our safety expert, Justin Ford, back on the show this week to talk about how things have changed dramatically since his last appearance. Prior to COVID-19, the only safety measures involving cleaning products mostly revolved around the way those products were stored and keeping them out of the hands and mouths of children. Today, cleaning properly is the number one concern of guests.

There is no real guideline for what cleaning safety should look like, but there are a couple of places to look: The hotel industry, Airbnb’s own policies, and what guests actually want. Guests, in particular, have some very deep concerns about the safety of their rentals — with no clear way of alleviating that fear.

So what cleaning aspect should you, as a host, be concerned with now that you hadn’t been before?

  • Wear gloves
  • Wash your hands
  • Clean and disinfect every surface in the house

Beyond just the precautions you are taking, you need to make sure that potential guests are put at ease and seeing the efforts you are putting in. If you have a cleaning team, you may want to highlight your cleaning team by telling the story about who they are and what they do. Walking through their experience and the precautions they are taking will make people feel much more confident in their stay.

People are still renting out there, and as long as you are taking the proper precautions — and communicating that to your guests — you will get bookings.




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