39| Everybody’s Booking for the Weekday: How to Get Your Airbnb Booked All Week Long

Nov 20, 2019

Have you ever said to yourself, “Our weekends are rocking, but how do I get that weekday occupancy up?”

We are all about the guest experience, but we are still trying to run a profitable business. Unless you’re in a big vacation spot, you’ve probably got some work to do to take advantage of those weekdays and make yourself some more money.

We’ve got some great strategies you can use to keep your property booked all week long!

Take advantage of dynamic pricing

Change up your weeknight rates! You can take advantage of a third-party app like PriceLabs or Beyond Pricing to help you automate you get the most bang for your buck, or you can create rules directly within Airbnb.

Talk to the people who are already booking

Be aware of people who have booked your Airbnb on weekdays and try to create more of an interaction with them. If they come often, you may be able to give them some special pricing as an incentive to be a regular.

Give people an opportunity to give you their e-mail

You can follow up with your previous guests to give them updates, let them know of any discounts or events in the area, and keep yourself top of mind.

Take advantage of your local network

Do you know business owners, staffing agencies, or recruiters who might need places to stay? Real estate agents also cater to investors in town, so make it a point to get in front of them!

Make your space available just during the day

You can take advantage of people wanting a space for a photoshoot, content creation, or sometimes people just wanting a local getaway for a minute. You can use an app like Peerspace to make your rental available as a meeting venue.




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