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174. How To Optimize A Three-In-One Property Listing (AMA)

Jul 25, 2022

Welcome to our very first Ask Me Anything (Ask Us Anything?) episode! Each week we’ll answer your questions on STR, real estate, OTAs, and everything in between.


Paige asks:

With a pending recession, does it still make sense to invest in short term rentals, if I'm financially able to.


Troy asks:

What data do you recommend using or filtering through when looking at short term rental data (for example, AirDNA), and also, what quantitative components and criteria are most useful when you're acquiring a new property?


Matt asks:

I have just purchased a home which I believe is a three for one: the entire house is a four bedroom, one of those bedrooms could be considered a mother-in-law suite, and it's got a beautiful outdoor backyard area. What is the best way to list this, and to explain to guests that this is a shared property and that each listing is separate?


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