166. Tips for Managing Expected (and Unexpected) Maintenance

Jun 02, 2022

Maintenance is always a hot button issue in the STR world. Let’s face it, properties are living, breathing organisms. They are constantly changing and in need of our love and attention. Unfortunately, we can’t always predict when that love and attention is needed, forcing us to schedule service, at times, during a guest’s stay.

Today’s episode is all about managing the super important communication around this particular quirk of STR life. We touch on trash pickup and drop off protocols, lawn care appointments, on-site technician visits, pool and spa repairs, and refund scenarios before running down a full list of other equipment and assets which you can schedule preventative maintenance for – all in hopes of avoiding disruptions to your bookings.

The key here is communication. We recommend being open with these kinds of details on your listing page and in the rental agreement itself – even pushing alert messages to on-site guests when a service appointment is coming up, just to be extra sure everyone is informed and comfortable in your space.

Special thanks to Breezeway, the expert STR hub where we pulled information for today’s episode. To find out more about their amazing property management tools, book a demo at:




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