158. Building Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns with Emily Miethner

Apr 07, 2022

Emily Miethner, like many of you, is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on social media, community building, and digital marketing. She’s an award-winning speaker and adjunct professor with over 12 years of experience delivering engaging talks both online and off.

Not only does she specialize in social media, but she’s decoded how it works with short-term rentals as well. In 2021, she opened her first rental property, Kin House, and launched a Catskills / Hudson Valley brand, Getaway Upstate. She’s also the co-founder of Travel Cat, a global seven-figure e-commerce brand.

We talk about how to get started with digital marketing, the best platforms to be on, the campaigns Emily used to see results, and turning one-time guests into repeat customers.



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