155. Taking Your Short-Term Rental from Job to Business with Kylan Pimley

Mar 17, 2022

One thing nobody tells you when you start your hosting journey is that you’re going to have to get really, really good at revenue management. Well, scratch that, because we’re going to tell you now – with a little help from a member of our Hosting Business Mastery group, Kylan Pimley!

Kylan Pimley began her property management career in 2006 after she and her husband bought their first investment property, a duplex. It wasn't until 2018, after adding and remodeling eight more long-term rental properties, that Kylan started including short-term rental properties into their portfolio, using her family's second home as the experiment. She wanted visitors to have access to everything special about The Gorge that she enjoyed growing up. 

Kylan created Go Gorge Getaways, which now offers two short-term rental properties in the Columbia River Gorge. Along with growing Go Gorge Getaways, she also oversees their long-term rental properties and manages marketing for their mortgage company. 

We talk about the moment she realized that this needed to be managed like a business, when they began making the shift from treating it like a job to a company, and how managing short-term rentals requires looking at things through a different lens than a landlord.




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