154. Keeping Your STR Business Legally Protected with Scott Brown

Mar 10, 2022

Look, we get it – legal talk isn’t usually the most exciting thing in the world, but I’ll bet before our Safety Captain, Justin Ford, joined us on the show, you’d have said the same thing about safety inspections! Place your trust in us once again; we promise this conversation is a fun one.

And by “we,” I mean Scott Brown, an attorney out of Columbus, Ohio who specializes in intellectual property law for startups and entrepreneurs. He’s been working with us to make sure our business is legally covered and he’s familiar with the greater real estate industry as well.

We talk about having your rental terms worked out and drafted clearly, general corporate structure for buying property for commercial use, partnership agreements for co-investments or starting a business with others, and how your legal support needs to work in tandem with property insurance and a good accountant for best long term business results of any kind.




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