145. Real Estate Investing & the Power of Communities with Stacey St. John

Jan 06, 2022

Stacey St. John is a boss babe who was bitten by the STR bug and never looked back. While working for a global consulting firm, she fell into the real estate game by accident. After a few short months of renting out that “accidental” investment, Stacey quickly realized that she had an appreciating asset on her hands, all while someone else paid her mortgage, grew her bank account, and earned her tax benefits.

Seeing first-hand the power of real estate as a wealth-building tool, Stacey decided to take the leap and invest in more properties. Fast forward to today, Stacey has a seven-figure investment portfolio and was able to successfully pivot her approach when the global pandemic hit. When eviction moratoriums started popping up due to COVID-19, Stacey shifted her focus from long-term rentals to STRs.

In just over a year Stacey bought and rehabbed eight beachfront properties – turning them from “ugly ducklings” to beautiful, relaxing vacation retreats. And her strategy paid off! She enjoyed a whopping 100% cash-on-cash return within twelve months and has begun helping others learn how to do the same. 

Now, she is passionate about helping other women turn their real estate goals into successful businesses without having to sacrifice their family, free time, or sanity. We talk about building communities and partnerships with people you know and trust, sharing information, and how we can build up the short-term rental community as a whole.




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