135. Revenue Management for the Rest of Us

Oct 28, 2021

Last week we gave a recap of our experience at the 2021 Vacation Rental Managers Association International Conference in San Antonio, Texas, and we said we wanted to bring you our favorite speakers from that conference to go deep directly for you. We’re kicking that off now with Heather Richer.

Heather Richer is a revenue management and distribution expert with over a decade of experience. She and her team have done revenue management for hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, and have been focusing on short-term rentals for the last 3+ years.

We'll discuss the fundamentals of revenue management for short-term rentals. Even if you don’t feel like a revenue expert, it's critical to understand so that you can steal market share and beat your competition. She’s going to help you feel more confident, regardless of what your hosting situation happens to be.

She also shares her revenue management cycle:

  • Forecast
  • Optimize
  • Control
  • Monitor

If you do these four things as a regular part of your business cycle, you can be proactive in your growth.




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