119. Five Commonly Overlooked Cleaning Opportunities

Jul 08, 2021

There are so many things to clean within your short-term rental, so it’s worryingly easy to overlook something. We’re exploring the top five things that could save you a trip to your rental thanks to some smart, preventative cleaning.


1. Shower and Sink Drains

We’ve all had to rely on some Drano once in a while, but that really isn’t necessary if you can keep up the routine maintenance. Using a cheap, disposable plumbing snake, you can make sure those drains never backup in the first place.


2. Garbage Disposal

You have to keep your garbage disposal clean and clear. You can use a magnetic rod to detect things like metal bottle caps that have fallen in. You can also remove the splash guard from the disposal and use something like Bar Keepers Friend to clean around the drain.


3. Washing Machine

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, the washing machines often need a good washing of their own! Clean up any drips of detergent around the input slot, and make sure the basin is nice and tidy. And – surprise! – distilled, white vinegar does an amazing job at making your washing machine clean and sanitized, while smelling great.


4. Air Vents and Filters

The return vents and exchangers collect dust, spiderwebs, and more, so they can get very gross, very quickly. It’s important to keep them clean – not just for their appearance, but for air quality as well. It’s easy to take them out and spray them down, and it’s so often overlooked.


5. Trash Cans

Yes, you probably use trash bags. But they still don’t prevent 100% of dirt and grime from touching the trash cans, themselves. And sometimes, in bathrooms or bedrooms, just a small can with no bag looks better. Either way, make sure you’re cleaning trash cans inside and out. Even the outdoor trash cans should be deep cleaned every once in a while.


Remember: how you do anything is how you do everything. You want to pay attention to details, because those details are what will make you stand apart from your competitors. By being proactive, you save time in the future because you’ll no longer need to make emergency trips to your property.




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