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115. Outdoorsy Takes Short-Term Rentals on the Road with Matt Mitchell

Jun 03, 2021

Looking for a creative, fun, and accessible way to get into the short-term rental space? Look no further!


Matt Mitchell is a digital nomad who turned his passion for campervan travel into a short-term rental business. Through each rental experience, he’s able to educate travelers about their investment in adventure and outdoor recreation. He spent a year traveling across the US & Canada in his home on wheels, and the experience gave him more than he could possibly describe. Now, he wants to share the feeling and encourage others to get outside and live minimally – or at least get a taste of the lifestyle before making the leap.


Matt now has two campervans that he rents on Outdoorsy, which is essentially the Airbnb of RVs, motorhomes, and campervans. His larger van currently costs $225 per night, while the smaller one goes for $200. Demand for this type of rental is through the roof right now – and for good reason: everyone’s itching to travel after over a year of quarantine. 


Matt talks about how he got started, the appeal of this kind of rental, the kinds of questions he regularly receives, and the hosting service he tries to provide for his guests.



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