107. Focusing on Preventative Maintenance, with Andrew Kaiser

Apr 02, 2021

 Being a successful host requires more than being reactive to issues — you have to be proactive and preventative.

MendBnb is a service that helps vacation rental property owners and managers save money and time while offering unlimited service calls for maintenance and repair. Andrew Kaiser is the Head of Sales and Growth at MendBnb, and he started his own Airbnb, which turned into three, then five. After being headhunted to run operations for various property management companies, he now spearheads disruptive growth for MendBnb. He’s going to share with us the top five maintenance tasks that all hosts should focus on to improve the guest experience.

  1. Everything has to work. If you have an appliance or anything else that doesn’t work, repair and replace it immediately.
  2. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Get into the habit of changing batteries out once a year. Use high-quality batteries, and don’t wait for the chirping to warn you. No guest wants to deal with that during their stay.
  3. Loose furniture and fixtures. Chair legs, barstools, tables, doorknobs. No guest wants to sit on a wobbly barstool.
  4. Drywall anchors. Always use an anchor when mounting anything to drywall. Self-tapping drywall anchors work best.
  5. Avoid flat paint. It shows dirt and smudges more easily and is much harder to clean. If anything, go with an eggshell sheen or higher.

If there’s one action you should take right away, it’s this: open up your calendar and book two maintenance days for your property. Take your lower occupancy days to make sure everything is in top condition and you’ll make the rest of your operations go smoothly.





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