101 | Creating a Stronger STR Industry Together | with Merilee Karr

Feb 18, 2021

Merilee Karr is the founder and CEO of UnderTheDoormat and chairperson of the UK Short Term Accommodation Association. She went all-in on the short-term rental world when she saw an opportunity to start her own business. She believed that, in order for the home rental market to blow up, it needed to be treated professionally.

She made the decision to take that leap and enter that market, serving what she knew was an underserved and upcoming market. Merilee talks about making that transition, starting the Short Term Accommodation Association, staying ahead of government regulation, building a business that can grow, and creating a great guest experience.

Over the years of hosting and managing properties, these are the tips Merilee has for creating a great and consistent guest experience:

  • Know where you want to sit in the market. If you only take 4-5 star properties, stick to that, and if there’s anything wrong with a property, try and fix it.
  • Personally greet your guest when possible. That personal interaction is what makes hospitality special.
  • Be transparent with your guests so that they aren’t caught off guard by anything. Let them make the decision about what they are or aren’t willing to put up with, but don’t surprise them.




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